Oscar Romero

March 24th is the anniversary of the assassination of Archbishop Oscar Romero. I have uploaded a PowerPoint about the life of Oscar Romero and a PowerPoint-based prayer with a challenge from Oscar Romero. Also below are some links to further materials/resources on Oscar Romero which you may find useful:  


and from Emmanuel 2016:
1. A study of Oscar Romero can be used as an introduction to section Section B of the Junior Certificate R.E. syllabus: FOUNDATIONS OF RELIGION – CHRISTIANITY PART 4: THE DEATH AND RESURRECTION OF JESUS 
Student Assignment – Conflict with Authority  
Ask students to think of someone they know or they have read about who was given a hard time by people in authority (e.g. teachers, parents, political leaders, religious leaders, an army, or a gang) when he/she tried to do what was right.
View a video account / read the life story of Archbishop Oscar Romero in Love One Another, New Christian Way Series
Discuss the following questions.
a) From the story give two examples of injustice in El Salvador.
b) What did Oscar Romero do to bring about justice in El Salvador?
c) Why was he hated by the military rulers of El Salvador? d) Think of somebody in your local area or somebody you have read about who had to face a lot of opposition from powerful people. Tell their story.
e) Are there any similarities between the story of Oscar Romero and the story of Jesus? Explain f) Are there any differences between this story and the story of Jesus? Explain
2. The ‘MYHERO’ website is a great website where people have created a page dedicated to their hero. It’s definitely something you may consider getting a class to undertake and here are two links to pages created by students about Oscar Romero:
3. Moral Heroes is an archive of inspirational men, women and youth throughout history that have sacrificed for the betterment of others socially, physically, politically, economically, or environmentally. They are highlighted by the website to remind, encourage and inspire those of us who follow. Here is the link to their page about Oscar Romero.
4. The film Romero (1989) about Archbishop Oscar Romero starring Raul Julia is well worth showing students. If you don’t have the DVD there are clips available on YouTube 

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