Post-Primary R.E. Planning Resources

Below are a variety of resources to help R.E. Departments as they plan for the year.

The first thing that an R.E. department should consider is updating or developing an R.E. Policy for the school and you can click here for Religious Education Policy Template to help you get started.

The next area to look at in your R.E. subject plan and here is a Guide to completing R.E. Subject Plan and a R.E. Subject Plan Template. The following PowerPoints offer an overview of two documents published by the Irish Bishops’ Conference which are also important to consider when planning R.E. Subject Planning content:

Guidelines for the Faith Formation and Development of Catholic Students:

An Overview: Junior Cycle Religious Education Syllabus (1999) The full booklet version of the Bishops’ document can be purchased from Veritas.

An Overview: Leaving Certificate Religious Education Syllabus/Religious Education: A Curriculum Framework for Senior Cycle (2006)A pdf version of the full document can be viewed by clicking here.

The  R.E. department often has the responsibility for organising liturgical celebrations and the  Liturgical Year TemplatesPreparing a Mass and Preparing a Prayer Service guides can assist in your planning.

The resources for Opening of the Year and Graduation can take away some of the stress involved in organising these important school celebrations.

These Guest Speakers & Charity Links may be useful if you are planning to have speakers and charity events during the year and here you can find details about Retreat Venues & Teams.  

With the prospect of a R.E. Inspection by the DES or an Incidental Inspection the Preparing for an Inspection guide can be used to help identify key areas of your subject plan and teaching which need to be highlighted. These include the areas of I.C.T., AfL, Group Work and Literacy/Numeracy strategies in your R.E. classes.

In the Junior Cycle section you will find resources for the J.C. R.E. Exam Syllabus, a draft of a non-exam 1st year syllabus & resources related to the new Junior Cycle.

Information about both exam & non-exam R.E. can be found in the Senior Cycle R.E. section. 

The final few resources to help with your planning for R.E. in your school are: