Opening of the School Year Mass / Prayer Service Resources

In this section you will find resources to assist and support R.E. Departments & Chaplains who are organising opening of the school year Masses or Prayer Services. The Student Guide to the New Mass is a useful resource to help prepare students before attending the Mass and there are also sample opening mass booklets.

Planning a Mass Resources

Student Guide to The New Mass Preparing a Mass  Preparing a Prayer Service

Prayer Service / Mass Templates

Opening of School Year Liturgy 2015/16 - We give you praise, O God, for everything that is new & beautiful

Opening of the School Year Mass - Share the Light of Jesus

Opening of the School Year Mass - Let Your Light Shine

A School Parable

God's Blessings on the Academic Year Service

Opening School Year Liturgy Prayer Service - Put your hands in the hand of God

Prayer Service Beginning of School Year Prayers for Students to Start the Year

Senior Students Start of Year Prayer Service

Beginning of the School Year Exam Students Prayer Service

Welcome Celebration for First Year Students

Drama (to accompany 1st year welcome celebration)

A School Parable

Staff Prayer for start of school year  

Useful Links where you will find several templates and resources which are free to download and edit.