Suicide Resources

Pieta House have a Mind Ur Buddy competition which  focuses on suicide prevention by firstly involving the children and then secondly, by removing the fear and ignorance attached to suicide and turning prevention into positive action. This empowering project will alert students to the signs of suicide or other distressful experiences and  will enable students to ascertain if their friend or class mate is in crisis, and then to refer them to the appropriate person (counsellor/chaplain).


Senior Cycle Resource: SUICIDE MODULE


  1. To acknowledge suicide as a teenage problem
  2. To consider reasons one might contemplate suicide
  3. To discuss feelings and insights related to suicide
  4. To consider ways to help a distraught person
  5. To recognise the warning signs of  suicide
  6. To discuss ways suicide can be prevented
  7. To consider a “why” to live – He who has a why to live can bear      almost any how – Nietzsche