The Parable of the Lost Son (Luke 15: 11-32)

The Lost Son PowerPoint

Based on the Gospel for Sunday 10 March 2013 – Luke: 15:1-3,11-32

“Your brother here was dead and has come to life.”

What is more than the love of a father for his son? Such unconditional love keeps society alive and together; it is a vital ingredient for continued human survival. The parable of the prodigal son has numerous lessons for us. It echoes many bible teachings of love. It tells us love is kind hearted, slow to anger, persevering, it is the source of forgiveness.

The world is full of anger, people are angry at themselves, at parents or children, their brothers and sisters, neighbours, opponents, different cultures and tribes. The present world values material wealth over the wellbeing of humankind. But this Scripture has taught me to value human life over material gains.

We need to forgive ourselves and absolve ourselves of our inequities. Then we can ask for forgiveness from our Father like the prodigal son. Our Father in heaven has always stretched his hands to us and no matter how grave our mistakes, forgives us as the prodigal son was forgiven. His kindness prevails as he tries to make peace among his children.

Heavenly Father,

We are living in a world full of anger and animosity, a world which is overwhelmed by competition and war.

We implore you to teach us the art of forgiveness and kindness as humankind so that peace and happiness prevails.


This reflection and prayer were written by Laureta Madegwa, CAFOD’s Programme Officer for Governance, in their East Africa office.