Senior Cycle Religious Education Textbooks/Resources for the teacher

Senior Cycle Religious Education Textbooks/Resources for the teacher

New Veritas Non-Exam Senior Cycle Textbook: Seek & Find Sampler

Religious Education: Leaving Certificate Guidelines for Teachers (NCCA)

This document gives guidelines for the teaching of every section of the syllabus and contains other useful materials.
  • It has a section on Teaching Approaches and Practical Tips for Teachers
  • It gives guidance on assessment and coursework
  • It offers a Glossary of key terms
  • It also contains ‘The Curriculum Framework’ for Senior Cycle (non-examination).
Each section gives Content, Syllabus Links, Student Activity, Teaching Approaches, also Resources: - books, articles, art, poetry, music and websites, etc... Textbooks and Resources The Inner Place Tom Gunning (Veritas) Into the Deep Tom Gunning (Veritas) Faith in Action: Niall Boyle (GM) Challenge of God 2nd edition: Niall Boyle (GM) Challenge of God 3rd edition – Morality Niall Boyle (GM) Reason to Believe Ann Walsh (Veritas) Believe to Live Ann Walsh (Veritas) Ellen Fleming & Brigid O’Hara (GM) World Religions A Gracie/D Moloney (plus cd rom) (Scholas/Tech Media) Moral Issues in Six World Religions Edited Owen Cole (Heinemann) Searching Orla Walsh (Veritas) The Waze Series – Maura Hyland. Books, video, worksheets and teachers books: (Veritas)
  • Lifeways
  • Workways
  • Justways
  • Prayerways
Faith Seeking Understanding Series edited by Michael De Barra (Veritas)
  • The search for meaning and values
  • Christianity: origins and contemporary expressions, World religions & Moral decision-making
  • Religion and gender
  • Issues of justice and peace
  • Worship, prayer, and ritual
  • The Bible: literature and sacred text
  • Religion: the Irish experience
  • Religion and science
Faith Seeking Understanding Series Teacher cd-rom edited by Michael De Barra (Veritas) now available

Useful books for Teaching Senior Cycle RE

Examination & Framework Document

SECTION A Cassidy, E. (2003) The Search for Meaning and Values Into the Classroom Series Dublin: Veritas Delius. C. ed. (2000) The Story of Philosophy: From Antiquity to the Present Cologne: Konemann Gaarder. J. (1995) Sophie’s World London: Phoenix House SECTION B Freyne, Sean (2002) Texts, Contexts and Cultures London: Collins Lane, Dermot (1975) The Reality of Jesus Dublin: Veritas Liechty, Joseph & Clegg, Cecilia (2001) Moving Beyond Sectarianism: Religion, Conflict and Reconciliation in Northern Ireland Dublin: Columba Press Norris, T. (2004) Christianity: Origins and Contemporary Expressions Into the Classroom Series Dublin: Veritas Pelikan, Jaroslav (2000) Jesus Through the Centuries: His Place in the History of Culture Yale University Press SECTION C Barnes, P. (2003) World Religion, Into the Classroom Series Dublin: Veritas Beck, M. et al ed. (1997) Exploring Religion Australia: Oxford University Press Brodd, J. and Wilt, M. (1998) World Religions: A Voyage of Discovery Minnesota: Saint Mary’s Press Brodd, J. and Wilt, M. (1998) Teaching Manual for World Religions - a voyage of discovery Minnesota: Saint Mary’s Press Hickman, C. & Meredith S. (2001) The Usborne Internet-Linked Encyclopaedia of World Religions London: Usborne Publishing Ltd. Smith, Houston (1991) The World Religions Harper Collins. SECTION D Boyle, N. (1994) The Challenge of God Dublin: Gill and Macmillan Brown, C. (1998) Crash Course on Christian Ethics London: Hodder and Stoughton Hannon, P. (forthcoming 2004) Moral Decision Making, Into the Classroom Series Dublin Veritas Conscience in the Catholic Tradition Darton, Longman and Todd Mc Namara, V. (1988) The Truth in Love: Reflections on Christian Morality, Dublin, Gill and Macmillan SECTION E Cullen, S. (2004) Religion and Gender, Into the Classroom Series Dublin: Veritas Wendle Moltmann, E. Women in the New Testament Schussler Fiorenza, E. In Memory of Her New York, SCM Press Reuther, R. Sexism and God-Talk London, SCM Press SECTION F Holland, J. and Henriot, P. (1980, revised edition 1993) Social Analysis: Linking Faith and Justice Washington DC: Orbis Books Himes, Kenneth (2001) Responses to 101 Questions on Catholic Social Teaching New Jersey: Paulist McDonagh, Sean (1990) The Greening of the Church London: Chapman See also a range of materials from the World Council of Churches. SECTION G Collins, P. (2000) Prayer in Practice Dublin: Columba Press De Mello, Anthony (1986) Wellsprin: A Book of Spiritual Exercises Garden City, N.Y Image Books : Columba Press Veritas SECTION H Boadt, L. (1984) Reading the Old Testament: An Introduction New York: Paulist Press Brown, R.E., Fitzmyer J.A. & Murphy R.E. eds.(1990) The New Jerome Biblical Commentary London: Chapman Brown, R.E. (1997) Introduction to the New Testament New York; Doubleday Achtemeier, P.J., Green, J.B., & Thompson, M.M. (2001) Introducing the New Testament: Its Literature and Theology Grand Rapids: Ferdmans Hegarty, B. (2003) The Bible: Literature and Sacred Text Into the Classroom Series Dublin: Veritas   SECTION I Milne, K. A Short History of the Church of Ireland Colomba Press O’Duinn, S. Where Three Streams Meet Walsh J.R. & Bradley, T. A History of the Irish Church O’Dwyer, P. Towards a History of Irish Spirituality Harbison, P. Pre-Christian Ireland: From the First Settlers to the Early Celts London: Thames and Hudson Walsh, J. (2003) Religion: the Irish Experience Into the Classroom Series Dublin: Veritas SECTION J Barbour, Ian (2002) When Science Meets Religion: Enemies, Strangers or Partners? London: SPCK Southgate, Christopher et al, (1999) God,Humanity and the Cosmos: A Textbook in Science and Religion Pennsylvania: Trinity International Press Peters, Ted and Bennett eds, Gaymon (2002) Bridging Science and Religion London: SCM Press McCarthy F. and McCann, J. (2003) Religion and Science Into the Classroom Series Dublin: Veritas