Creating a Sacred Space at Home

A sacred space is a small area in which you can place symbols that help your child to sense and express that God is present in their lives. Your child may be accustomed to the practice of having a sacred space at school, and can create their very own area in their room, for example on a windowsill or a bedside locker.

Children often use their sacred space at home as an area for the ‘holy objects’ that they accumulate from home, school and parish. For example, if your child received a gift of a prayer book for their Communion or Confirmation, they could put that into the sacred space. Other items familiar to the sacred space include rosary beads, pictures of the Holy Family or of saints etc… Remember that the space is not intended to be a work of art, but rather a representation of your child’s spirituality. It is symbolic, and the meaning, rather than the aesthetics, is important!

Sacred Spaces can sometimes have a thematic approach and are often based on the Liturgical/Church Year. For example, during the season of Advent, you could have an Advent calendar and Advent wreath placed on a purple cloth.

A candle is lit during prayertime at school. You can also continue this practice at home. Just remember to supervise your child at all time when a candle is lighting. If you and your child are participating in the Do This In Memory programme in your parish, you can place this candle in your sacred space.