February 26, 2021

February 26th- Lenten Reflection 1

    Take a few minutes to sit back and have space to Pause.        
February 12, 2021

February 12th

January 29, 2021

A message from a junior infant student

January 29, 2021

Links for St. Brigid

  https://kildareeducationcentre-my.sharepoint.com/:f:/g/personal/skavanagh_eckildare_ie/EunMktxMMGBPm0Z-uq1fh7MBLDNikIGu5jNNj7VjOwKkrg?e=vyvu2V   https://padlet.com/edeldom800/newbeginning    
January 29, 2021

January 29th Words of encouragement from St. Thomas Aquinas OP

(I came across the following while reflecting on St Thomas for his Feast Day yesterday and thought how it also […]
November 24, 2020

Reflections by Primary School Staff

Reflections: Educating during the pandemic copy
September 3, 2020

Prayer for Reopening of School

A Prayer as our Schools Reopen Loving God, we ask you to wrap our diocesan school family in a cloak […]
June 19, 2020

June 19th 2020

Philosopher- Salvatore Natoli “It is certain, however, that people will never be happy if they don’t learn to say ‘yes’ […]
June 5, 2020

Reflection from Pope Francis

  WEDNESDAY, JUNE 3, 2020  ““When you eat of it … you will be like God” (cf. Gen 3:4): the […]
May 29, 2020

May 29th 2020

“Move forward with enthusiasm! There is much to do on the journey that awaits you…Salvation is an encounter with Jesus, […]
May 22, 2020

May 22nd A Thought from Pope Francis

We celebrate the Ascension as a feast, yet it commemorates the departure of Jesus from his disciples and from this […]
May 15, 2020

May 15th Blog

blog for GIL    
May 8, 2020

Pope Francis’ prayer to Mary

Pope Francis’ Prayer to Mary during the coronavirus pandemic calls out to Mary as a sign of our hope and […]
April 24, 2020

April 24th 2020

March 19, 2020

Live in Love, faith and hope

March 12, 2020

St. Patrick’s Feastday

March 6, 2020


“There are difficult moments in life, but with hope the soul goes forward and looks ahead to what awaits us”. […]
February 28, 2020


LentHoly One who journeys with me,May I recognize the cross that is mine and carry it in a trustful way, […]
February 14, 2020

February 14th Happy Valentine’s Day!

“To love is to will the good of the other”, St Thomas Aquinas
February 7, 2020


This is a ppt which contains photos from a school showing prayers and work displaying their gratitude for their grandparents. […]