Holy Ground

This beautiful Liam Lawton hymn will open this year’s concert. Perhaps it may also open students’ minds and hearts to the tradition of pilgrimage that is so deeply profound in our Irish Heritage.

This Holy Ground PowerPoint, which presents images of pilgrimage locations, both local and abroad, could run while you play the music for students.

Following this, the set of resources below could be used to teach/remind students about Pilgrimage:

Pilgrimage – An Introduction (PowerPoint)

An Introduction to Pilgrimage – Teacher’s Notes

An Introduction to Pilgrimage Student Worksheet

An Introduction to Pilgrimage Worksheet – Answers

This link might speak to students: ‘Walking the Camino – A Glimpse at Real Life on the Road to Santiago’

Pilgrim Paths – An Opportunity for Students to Experience

For Senior students, you might also find the following suggestions useful. This material was written by Maureen Kelly and she offers a comprehensive step-by-step guide that could be used with students to plan a class/year group Pilgrim Path experience.

Pilgrimage and Irish Pilgrim Paths – PowerPoint

Suggested format for a Pilgrim Walk – Maureen Kelly

Walking in Solidarity – Sample Pilgrim Path Pamphlet

I have mentioned PilgrimPaths.ie before but it might be worth taking a look at if you are planning this class/year group activity, many locations are easily accessible from Dublin. Take a look at the website for full details.

If transport costs pose problems, you could easily run a half-day event in a local woodland/parkland area.

Here are two resources that could be used in this setting:

Before setting out on the Path

The Pilgrim Path Guide