May 27th 2019

Monday May 27th 2019
“Peace is what I leave with you; it is my own peace that I give you”. Jn 14:27
Going around schools these days the workload increases for you all. The various activities, testing, reports, sports days, the National Children’s Choir, planning for next year and so on makes numerous demands on the school community. The gospel story for Sunday, May 26th, teaches us of Jesus’ desire for us to accept his peace and not to worry. 

A Prayer to Be Free From Tizzies
Dear God,
you who did not invent tizzies,
be with me when I get caught
in the wild worrying of my mind,
and the needless scurrying around
in my fearful heart.

Trip me up when I fret and stew
so I can see the trap of tizzies,
with their schemes to keep me
bunched up in stress and strain.

Let me fall headfirst into the truth
of your never-ending presence,
wrap your kind arms around me
and calm my doubts and fears.

Shout loudly in my spiritual ear
when my nerves get knotted,
my mind feels cramped,
and my stomach screams.

It may be difficult,
but do try to get my full attention,
because tizzies are not healthy,
and they definitely chase peace
out the front door of my heart.

Dear God, you did not invent tizzies,
I did,
and only I can send them on their way,
and I will,
if you strengthen me
to let go of my anxious hold
on what is nonessential.
By Joyce Rupp