March 13, 2017

Dear R.E. Teacher / Chaplain,

March Resources
As we progress through the month, I hope you have been finding the March Resource Page useful. Take a look at the resources for the Feast Day of St. Patrick which we will celebrate later this week, as new material has been added in recent days.
Trócaire School Talks - Lent 2017
Speaker representatives are happy to make visits to schools to present the Trócaire Lent 2017 Campaign to your students. Click here for full contact details.
Lenten Journey - 40 Acts
The 40 Acts campaign offers a really engaging support on the Lenten journey. If you haven't signed up, take a look at the following challenges; applicable to many different contexts: Act 8 - #Pause (The Power of Words) and Act 9 - #Lean
Pope Francis
As we celebrate the fourth anniversary of Pope Francis' appointment as pontiff, take a look at the task he sets before us: Read the Bible as often as you check your 'cell' phone 
Holi Festival
Fantastic bursts of colour can be viewed in this article, by the Telegraph, as Holi is celebrated today:Why is Holi celebrated by throwing coloured powder?
The BackPack Programme
Below please find the BackPack E-letter - we have been promoting this fantastic resource during school visits in recent months; contact details (re: access etc) can be found in the attachment.
Finally, I leave you with a prayer; May the Beauty of God Surprise Us from the Prayer Moments at Emmanuel 2017.
Kind regards,