February 6, 2017

Dear R.E. Teacher / Chaplain,
February Resources
Click the following link to view the updated February Resources with a variety of links to support you in the weeks ahead.
Safer Internet Day - February 7
As we mark Safer Internet Day 2017 today, Like Me (created by TrueTube) could serve as a helpful means to stimulate conversation with your students on internet safety, risks involved with social media etc. 
The video also offers an opportunity for a deeper reflection on one's online/offline or public/private self, integrity, relationships etc: Like Me (TrueTube Video) 
St. Valentine's Day - February 14
You'll find this new PowerPoint for 2017 on the Saint Valentine's Day Resource page. It might prove useful with next week's classes and assemblies.
CAFOD Prayer on Twitter
Well worth following on Twitter, CAFOD Prayer posted this prayer in recent days: God of hope... 
Holy Communion by Brother Richard 
Take a look at this poem posted on Instagram, by Capuchin Brother Richard Hendrick: Holy Communion 
Huffington Post Religion - Interfaith Dialogue & Love of Neighbour

Huffington Post Religion: Christians & Jews team up to help Muslims after Texas Fire

Kind regards,