Emmanuel 2017 Classroom Resources

Thanks and Praise (John Angotti & Ed Bolduc) 

This year's concerts will open with this beautiful piece, and so we have prepared some resources with the song's theme in mind. You can view and listen to a live performance of the song here to set the scene.

Perhaps at times, we may all consider that prayer takes only one form - petition! Asking God for His help on something. This song offers us an alternative, more rounded view of prayer.

Yes the composer asks 'Help me, Lord, if I stumble' but as the title suggests it's a joyful, worship piece: 'Sing your praise and shout, "Almighty!"....'  What an energising and positive way to engage in prayer. 

This PowerPoint: Christian Prayer provides some background on a variety of forms of Christian Prayer, etc, with a student task to conclude. For this closing task, why not offer a prayer of thanks and praise!

Also on the theme of Prayer, these worksheets from Religion for Living (Alpha Press) will help students to firm up their understanding/revise the concept of prayer: 

Religion for Living - Prayer Worksheet

Religion for Living - Types of Prayer (Foundation Level)

Religion for Living - Types of Prayer (General Level)

Nowell, Nowell & Hail Holy Queen 

Have a listen to this beautiful children's choir as they sing Nowell, Nowell 

This PowerPoint resource presents a variety of topics: the Feast of the Annunciation on March 25, it also references another prayer dedicated to Our Lady; the Hail Mary and finally, recalls the Nativity story; the figures who feature therein, etc: Annunciation Lesson PowerPoint 


View the text of the Hail Holy Queen Prayer and learn a little about it's origins here. The inclusion of this hymn in the Emmanuel 2017 Repertoire also offers us an opportunity to explore/revisit the Rosary as a form of prayer to honour Mary, Our Mother: Education Dublin Diocese: Rosary Resources & TES Rosary Blendspace


Above All (Lenny LeBlanc & Paul Baloche)  

Above All: Listen here. This song is particularly relevant during Holy Week, but could be incorporated into many contexts of Lenten reflection.

See the Lent Resources on our website for ideas.

In particular, CAFOD's 2017 Stations of the Cross Reflection and complement PowerPoint could serve as a means to consider the lyrics at a deeper level.



Send Us Your Spirit (Feargal King)  

The lyrics and meditative quality of this piece (in particular with the chorus) serve as an opportunity for prayerful reflection with students, and you could conclude with this litany (below); taken from the following retreat resource: AIM Summer 2015


Further explorations of this hymn could include an invitation to students to recall their experience of the Sacrament of Confirmation. Perhaps they could bring in some photographs and share what they can remember about that day. This Sacramental event marks the beginning of a young person's independent choice to make a life-long commitment to live the faith. The journey is not always easy, but we can invite God to help and support us along the way: Send Us Your Spirit, O Lord... 



These resources can also help to further explore the Holy Spirit, as part of the Trinity: Holy Spirit Resources.

Prayer Moments 

The notes used to prepare the Prayer Moments delivered by the Diocesan Adviser during the concerts can be viewed here, including the prayer: May the Beauty of God Surprise Us

Abide With Me (Matt Maher) 

The title of this song holds a lot of meaning in three brief words. But what do we mean by 'abide'? This PowerPoint: Abide with Me - Some Background Information invites us to examine the title more closely. Songwriter, Matt Maher explains the story behind Abide With Me in this YouTube clip 

Also in tune with this title, Dermot Mansfield SJ shares this article: Abide With Me 

Do Not Let Your Hearts Be Troubled (David Haas)  

Have a listen to the song with your class here: Do Not Let Your Hearts Be Troubled

Haas' chorus lyrics are contextualised in this Pentecost PowerPoint; (Gospel of John 14:1 - 3).

This resource: Ten Thoughts to Live By offers some advice as to how we too can avoid carrying troubled hearts.

'Have faith in God and faith in me...' Pope Francis reflects on the Gospel (Sunday, Feb 26): Let God Take Care of Tomorrow

Lectio Divina Exercise 

Psalm 72: Justice Shall Flourish (Craig & Kristen Colson)

Psalm 145: My Soul Give Praise to the Lord (Ciaran Coll) *You can listen to Ciaran Coll's My Soul Give Praise here

Psalm (Ps) 95:1-5; Ps 104:24; Ps 145:1-7; Ps 147:4 & Job 38 Indescribable (Performed by Chris Tomlin) You can view the story behind Indescribable (lyrics by Laura Story) here.

Lectio Divina would be a lovely way to reflect on the Psalms that have inspired each of these songs.

Any of these links could be used to introduce your students to this form of prayer:

LectioDivina: A Beginner's Guide (Busted Halo) 

Practising Lectio Divina

Lectio Divina Handout