Ember: Thinking ahead to 2015

Thinking ahead to 2015 A number of items were presented for Ember students to spark ideas for future planning; Prayer Spaces in Schools We were blessed to have Annette Evans join us to introduce the students to Prayer Spaces in Schools. Annette is a Parish Pastoral Worker and also works with Scripture Union facilitating retreat and prayer events with young people. Using the wealth of materials she brought with her; fairy lights, LED candles, 'forgiveness' stones, plasma ball etc, Annette set up a variety of prayer spaces with help from some students. Take a look at the UK-based website; Prayer Spaces in Schools, I encourage you to invite the Ember students to view the website's Vimeo to learn more. Ideally, it would be fantastic if your Ember team could take on setting up one of these Prayer Spaces in your school for a day/a week, whatever meets the needs of your school, as they are such a vibrant and creative way of encouraging young people to pray. Please get in touch if you would more information/support in this regard. Make the Mass Yours, CSW 2015 Other items raised during this portion of the meeting included Catholic Schools Week and in particular theMake the Mass Yours Initiative (See powerpoint here for details) If your Ember team is going to run an event of this kind, please let me know as I will be more than happy to come along to lend my support on the day. Celebrating the Year of Consecrated Life Another item we discussed was the potential to have some celebration in your school to mark the Year of Consecrated Life (2015) where the founding vision of your school is celebrated and those in religious life, that have a relationship with the school, could be invited to attend/collaborate.