Frequently Asked Questions

How do I approach Alive-O/Beo go Deo in a multi-class situation?

There are two basic options available to teachers in multi-grade classes. Firstly, programmes can be alternated from year to year. For example, if a teacher has a combined 1st/2nd Class, he/she could teach Alive-O 3 one year and Alive-O 4 the next. Therefore, a whole-school approach is required to ensure that the children don’t encounter the same part of the programme twice. A second option is for a teacher to choose various lessons from each of the programmes for the classes that he/she is teaching. Veritas have two books available: Alive-O 1-4 in Multi-class Situations and Alive-O 1-8 in Multi-class Situations which may be of some benefit to teachers who choose this option.

When do we pray in class?

In the Prayer subsection of the Alive-O part of this website, you will find a list of the formal prayers that children learn in primary school. Traditionally, we have been very good at vocal prayer in schools, and there are many opportunities to pray throughout the school day, such as Morning and Evening Prayers at the start and end of the school day, and Grace Before and After Meals. Other forms of prayer – such as contemplative prayer and meditative prayer – are also important to remember. Prayer does not always have to be presented in a formal manner. Spontaneous prayer is also important and should be encouraged. For example, children may want to thank God for something that happens during the school day, or to pray for someone who is sick.

Who can I ask for support in implementing the Alive-O programme?

The role of the Primary Diocesan Adviser is to support the work of the teacher in implementing the Alive-O programme. The Diocesan Advisers may be contacted through the Education Secretariat in Archbishop’s House. For contact information, and to see a profile of the current Diocesan Advisers, go to the Meet the Team section of the website. What supports are available for children with special educational needs? The Diocesan Advisers have provided teachers with a sacramental preparation programme for children with special needs. The programme comes with worksheets and a CD Rom.

Are there any resources I can use to supplement the Alive-O programme?

The Alive-O Teacher’s Kit has many useful resources which can help teachers to implement the programme fully.  In addition to this, the Diocesan Advisers for Primary Religious Education produce resources which are uploaded to this website and which compliment the work done  in the Alive-O programme. Other resources can be downloaded from websites. For a list of some popular and useful sites, click here.