Enhancing Home-School-Parish Links

The religious education of students is the responsibility of the parents, supported by the school and parish working together in partnership. Below, you will find some ways to involve your parish in the implementation of the Religion Programme in your school.

School Chaplain/Parish Personnel Visits

  • Given the demands that many priests have on their time, it is often difficult to call to see individual classes. However, classroom visits (however brief!) are often very welcome by both teachers and students alike. This also gives the students an invaluable link with the parish community.
  • Where classroom visits are not a possibility for the school chaplain/religion teacher, consider if any parish personnel would be available to fulfill this role. For example, perhaps members of the Parish Pastoral Council would be willing to introduce themselves (and explain their role) to the classes in the school.
  • There are some liturgies which need the participation of a priest. For example, a class Mass. Where school chaplains are unable to support the school in this way, invite individual classes to the local Church for a morning Mass instead.
  • If a school in your parish is named after a saint, consider celebrating Mass or leading a prayer service on the saint’s Feast Day.

Visits to Parish Church

Consider opportunities for schools to attend parish-based Masses. For example, some schools have an Opening of the School Year Mass or 6th year Graduation Mass in the Church.

Parish-based sacramental preparation programmes

  • Many parishes are now using programmes which involve parents and Transition year students in the parish community in the sacramental preparation process.
  • To go to the section on parish-based sacramental preparation programmes, click here.